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Buying or selling a house is the largest and most important decision you'll make. We take pride in our knowledge, professionalism, and our ability to provide services. Whether buying or selling, we will work with you to achieve dream home and property goals.


We believe that all photos must look great, in order to sell in the shortest time. All photos are shot with full frame cameras for highest quality.


All listings are published on major newspapers, such as City Style Weekly and Canadian City Post ( Chinese newspapers ). Also are posted with realtor.ca, rew.ca and Homelink Real Estate of China.


  • Warm Hearted

    Dear Layla: I am writing this letter to thank you for your warm hospitality accorded to me. With your help ,my house was sold so fast. I came from China,and there are many things that I do not understand. However, you were so friendly and kind to me and helped me so such .So I thank for your warm-hearted and great work. thank you so much! ...

    - Cindy F

  • Professional and Patient

    Layla helped me to sell my previous house and bought the current one. When she helps people to sell their house, she is even more motivated than her clients, and always thinks and acts one step ahead. She cares about her client's interests, and always gives them the best advice to sell their houses quickly at the best possible price. She knows how to balance the situation and get the best result. I like her work style -- no waiting, always in action. When buying a home, Layla would be even more cautious than the client, and she never rushes the client. She uses her professional knowledge and experience to choose the suitable candidate homes to view, no to waste time. Her consideration is always practical and comprehensive. ...

    - LLB Lawyer Linda Chen

  • A true professional & wonderful person

    Layla is not only a true professional, but also a wonderful person. Her expertise in the real estate market is second to none. Layla has a mind of a steel trap, brilliant negotiating abilities, and outstanding presentation skills. As a master of persuasion, she can steal all the attention and keep everyone hanging on her every word. Realtors would immediately acknowledge her presence every time she shows up at their listings. She is like a character from Hollywood except she is the real thing. I have gotten to know Layla personally over the years. She is a realtor with few equals. ...

    - LLB Lawyer John C Chak

  • Passion

    I know Layla personally more than 10 years, working with her is a pleasure. Upon the initial meeting with Layla and reviewing the possible listing of our home, her sharp eyes of the market helped us to appropriately list. She knew the market, we were happy to see her confidence and enthusiasm in selling our home and bringing potential buyers. Furthermore, she made the process easy for us and we were always kept well informed, she followed the sale to its closing in a very professional and astute manor even after hitting a few "speed bumps" that needed to be worked out. Thanks again Layla for an outstanding job. ...

    - Miao and Huy

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